If you already have a hosting business or a design studio and you want to expand the range of services offered to your users, we are ready to offer you profitable cooperation!

  • Receiving an order
    to the server
  • You are buying a server from us.
  • Sell it to the final customer with your markup
  • You profit from the difference in value

Add to the list of VDS server services without the cost of purchasing hardware, support, etc. We will take care of everything for you!

You can sell On-linedata servers under your own brand name and at your own prices on your website. With the help of "Billmanager", you will be able to pay for servers, monitor payment terms, server status, order new servers. Resellers can only use the current tariff parameters (CPU, RAM, HDD) without the possibility of creating their own, because our tariffs are clearly designed for comfortable work with the server and do not have overselling.

Who can become a reseller

Only those companies are allowed to participate in the program, which are aimed at mass resale of our services to third parties. Mandatory conditions are the presence of a website and the sale of at least 10 servers in the first half of the year.

  • Website of the hosting provider

    The site must be ready to host offers on our virtual servers. Ideally, it should be an active site of a hosting company.

  • Web Studio Site

    In addition to website creation services, the studio should offer its clients the possibility of hosting websites on virtual hosting or a server.

Server sale procedure and billing system

  • Manual sale

    When receiving an application from your client, you manually place an order in our billing, and after starting the server, you transfer data for access to the final client. This method is suitable for small sales volumes.

  • Automatic sale

    We provide free basic help with installation of BILLmanager billing and setup for automatic resale, you just need to rent VDS from us with minimum parameters.

  • Billing connection

    If you already use the BILLmanager product, our specialists will help you connect it to the reselling program for free.

Terms and conditions of the reselling program

  • For a reseller account, you need to register a new account in our billing, which will be included in a special group with corresponding discounts. This account can only be used to participate in the reseller program. Accordingly, if you already have an account with our billing, any previous payments/orders will not affect the amount of discounts. A reseller account cannot be anyone's "referral" within the framework of an active affiliate program.
  • The reselling program is for reselling our services to third parties, not for discounts on existing servers. Therefore, no transfers of existing servers to these accounts and between them are carried out. Attempts to "persuade" existing On-linedata customers to reseller services are absolutely unacceptable.
  • The Reseller is prohibited from setting prices for its services lower than those applicable to regular On-linedata customers.
  • Resellers must create the following "Terms of Service" for their customers that cover all restrictions imposed by the "On-linedata Terms of Service".


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