• You tell your friends about the promo code and/or publish a personal referral link on your site
  • The future client switches to OnlineData using your link or enters a promo code when ordering
  • When paying for our services, the client receives a discount of 3-15% for the first month
  • You, in turn, will receive up to 40% of the costs of all referrals you attract for life

Advantages of the affiliate program from OnlineData

  • The affiliate program works without any time limit. You only need to attract a client once, and after that you will receive a deduction from all his expenses while he uses our services.
  • We provide ready-made advertising materials to absolutely all our partners free of charge.
  • Universal methods of distribution. The promo code is for personal communication or printed materials, and the referral link is suitable for a banner on the website or an article.
  • 3-10% first month discount for your referrals. This is a good reason to engage!

How to attract customers?

You can use any kind of advertising, for example:

  • Writing texts, articles, etc., which will stimulate the reader to ORDER services from us
  • Offline advertising. For example, you can advise your friends/colleagues/acquaintances to post their projects on OnlineData
  • Placement of our buttons and/or banners on thematic sites
  • Placing a text link (such as hosted by on-linedata.com or any other)
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