Hosting provider "On-linedata.COM" (FOP Sergeev Denys Oleksandrovych EDRPOU 3048212636, legal address Poltava, Stepovoy frontu str., 7 av. 21) - Hereinafter as Executor. Customer of services - hereinafter referred to as Subscriber.

1. Obligations of the Executor
1.1. Provide Services to the Subscriber by registering the Subscriber.
1.2. Register the Subscriber (create a hosting account) by giving him a password and username (login) by sending the password and login to the Subscriber's mailbox (e-mail).
1.3. Provide Services in accordance with the selected tariff plan.
1.4. Maintain the confidentiality of the Subscriber's information received from him during registration, as well as the content of private e-mail messages, with the exception of cases provided for by the current legislation of: Ukraine, the Netherlands, Singapore, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Great Britain, Finland, JAV, Brazil, USA and Bulgaria.

2. Obligations of the Subscriber
2.1. Pay for Services on time in accordance with the selected tariff plan. The Subscriber undertakes to familiarize himself with the information on the terms of service and tariffs of the Contractor.
2.2. Do not violate the rules for using the services (given below).
2.3. In case of non-payment of services, despite all warning letters from the Contractor, the Contractor has the right to suspend the service to the client, and in extreme cases - a penalty will be imposed on the Subscriber in the form of five times the payment amount for the overdue days.

3. Rules for registration and transfer of domain names.
3.1. The Contractor provides the Subscriber with the opportunity to register, extend and transfer domains both for the Contractor's benefit and for the benefit of third parties.
3.2. All transactions with domains, including payment, are carried out by the automated system of the personal account.
3.3. Domain name registration involves providing personal information about the potential owner of rights to the domain name. At the same time, the data that identifies the user is open and can be published in publicly available sources (for example, WHOIS databases).
3.4. Transfer of rights to a domain name, transfer of a domain name for service to another Registrar are carried out by official letters from the Subscriber. If the domain name is registered to a legal entity, a letter on the organization's letterhead, with the organization's seal and the manager's signature, is required for the transfer of rights/transfer. If the domain name is registered to a natural person, copies of the first and second pages of the passport certifying the Subscriber's signature are provided together with the application for the transfer of rights/transfer. In the event of termination of service to Subscribers, the Contractor guarantees the transfer of domain names to another Registrar while preserving user information and ownership of each domain name.
3.5. All information provided by the Subscriber to the Contractor for the purpose of delegating the domain name must be complete, true and accurate.
3.6. The Subscriber must immediately inform the Contractor about any changes to the information described in clause 3.5.
3.7. The Subscriber understands that he knows and understands the purpose of collecting, storing and publishing information that is provided to him by the Contractor and is necessary for providing the domain name delegation process, as well as that he knows and agrees that the current state of such information will be publicly available . in real time through WHOIS or a similar service.
3.8. The Subscriber agrees that neither the Executor, nor the Administrator, nor the Registry Operator are responsible for the consequences of the Subscriber's use or misuse of domain names, including for third parties, as well as for the Subscriber's violation of the rights of third parties.

4. Hosting and VDS/Dedicated Rules
4.1. It is forbidden to engage in brute force, port scanning, spam (scripts are intended for sending messages on forums, chats, guest, e-mail, etc.), support for hacking, cracking, phishing and other illegal actions on the Internet.
4.2. It is prohibited to post any materials that contradict the laws of the countries in the data centers of which they are hosted on the sites.
4.3. Posting pornography, erotica and other "adult sites" is prohibited.
4.4. It is forbidden to installIRC servers and IRC bots.
4.5. Do not post  on your disk space:

  • computer viruses of any type.
  • port scanning and vulnerability scanning services
  • financial pyramids
  • any resources related to botnets
  • public TOR nodes
  • websites of political parties and associations.
  • websites with calls to terrorism or separatism.
4.6. It is forbidden to engage in:

  • by mining.
  • cardsharing.
  • fraud of any kind.
  • distribution of keygen, crack and other methods of “hacking” software
  • illegal distribution of software, audio and video products.
  • distribution and/or advertising of prohibited substances.
4.7. The Subscriber is obliged to pay for the Services in a timely manner. You can find out the number of paid days remaining and renew the virtual/dedicated server in your personal account. If the Subscriber is unable to pay for the services on time, we can provide you with a payment deferment, for this you need to write a request to the customer service department ( -> Requests -> Create ), from your account, specifying information that the payment is temporarily delayed. We will give you a grace period, but not more than 5 days. If the payment is not made on time, the server is blocked, and after 24 hours it is removed.
4.8. When ordering a server for a test period, in the absence of any actions on the part of the Subscriber, the Contractor reserves the right to stop providing such a service, as well as delete the server.
4.9. It is forbidden to host VPNs, proxies. Public VPN nodes are prohibited. Private VPNs are allowed.
4.10. The VPS/VDS virtual dedicated server cannot be used for DDoS attacks or other damage, as well as actions prohibited by the laws of those countries in the data centers of which your service is located.
4.11. The performer reserves the right to limit the channel speed to 10-30 Mbit/s. or block the server, in case of abundant network activity for a long period of time, which will provoke a load on network equipment of 90%.
4.12. As part of any shared hosting tariff plan, it is prohibited to install any additional non-standard software, game server control panel/statistics scripts, torrent trackers, etc., except for situations where consent to the placement of such content has been obtained from the Performer. In other cases, such content must be hosted as part of a VPS/VDS service or a physical dedicated server.
4.13. Sites on shared hosting that exceed the maximum allowable load may be blocked if the situation is not resolved with the Subscriber for the better beforehand (changing the tariff plan to a higher one, moving to VDS/Dedicated or removing/optimizing scripts that cause a heavy load).

For violation of the above rules, the hosting account is at best blocked until the problem with the Subscriber is clarified, at worst it is immediately deleted (without refund of paid funds).

5. Special conditions and responsibilities of the parties.
5.1. Data related to issues of commercial cooperation between subscribers and the hosting provider On-linedata.COM itself - the number of subscribers, the number of registered domain names, the amount of payment, the terms and conditions of order fulfillment, logins and passwords for services, etc. — are confidential. This information is not sold/transferred to third parties under any circumstances (exception may be made only by court order).
5.2. The Contractor does not guarantee absolute uninterrupted or error-free services and does not guarantee that the offered software or any other materials are free of system errors. The executor takes all reasonable measures to prevent this.
5.3. The Contractor is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused to the Subscriber as a result of the use or inability to use the Services or incurred as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions in work, deletion of files, defects, delays in work or data transmission, or changes in functions and other reasons. The Contractor does not guarantee the reception of the Subscriber's mail from remote networks, the functioning of which caused the address of such a network to be entered into the lists according to which the Contractor's mail delivery program does not receive mail.
5.4. The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of public communication channels through which the Services are accessed.
5.5. The subscriber assumes full responsibility and risks associated with the use of the Internet using the Services, including responsibility for evaluating the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any opinions, ideas, other information, as well as the quality and properties of goods and services, that are distributed on the Internet and provided to the Subscriber using the Services.
5.6. The subscriber is fully responsible for saving his password and for damages that may arise due to its unauthorized use. In the event of the theft of the login and password, which occurred due to the fault of third parties, the Subscriber has the right to send to the address of the Contractor a request to change the login and password, with a mandatory attachment to the request of the relevant financial document confirming payment for the Services. The performer is not responsible for the actions of third parties that caused the theft, and for reimbursement of the funds spent on the stolen time, the Subscriber must contact the relevant investigative and law enforcement agencies.
5.7. The Contractor is not responsible for the notification of any third parties about the deprivation of the Subscriber's access and for the possible consequences that arose as a result of the lack of such a warning.
5.8. The Contractor fulfills the Subscriber's requests sent only from the Subscriber's contact e-mail or from the service area (billing account) on the Contractor's official website. The contact e-mail address is the address specified in the registration database on the official website of the Contractor. The subscriber can ask about changing the contact e-mail in the registration database when entering the service area (personal account) on the official website of the Performer.
5.9. In exceptional cases, at the final stage of placing an order, after its payment, it may be necessary to verify the client by confirming his number with the help of an incoming call from our operator or a robot.

6. Refund.
6.1. Refunds are given if for some reason the performer is unable to provide the service. If the service is provided, no refunds will be given. If the Contractor cannot provide the service, then the contractor undertakes to return the funds to the Subscriber, while the account must not be blocked for violation of the rules, and the domain, software license or server rental has not been ordered, otherwise the contractor will not pay the funds.< br> 6.2. Refunds when ordering dedicated servers are not available! Due to the fact that the activation of a dedicated server entails large financial costs on the part of the hosting company.
6.3. Discounts activated when paying for the service are taken into account when refunding, i.e. only the actual account top-up amount is returned (no bonuses, etc.). The cost of installation, control panels, subscription and installation fees for IP addresses and DNS service on hosting and reselling, domain names, control panels, administration, additional HDDs and other services are not refundable - refunds are possible only for VDS.
6.4. Refunds are made within 30 days, in a manner at the discretion of the company.
6.5. A fee is also deducted from the refund amount, which is deducted by the payment system when transferring funds.
6.6. In the event that due to the fault of the client to whom the refund is made, the company suffered losses (disconnection of servers, networks, IP being blacklisted, etc.), the amount of expenses is deducted from the amount of the refund, depending on each specific case.

6.7. Funds will not be refunded if the service is blocked due to a violation of the contract-offer.

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