Price adjustments for selected services

Since the autumn of last year, the price of electricity for business and related services has increased by 400-500%, which significantly affected all industries and the inflation rate in all markets. There seems to be no reason to expect the cost of these resources to drop to summer 2021 levels anytime soon – so we are forced to make price adjustments for some services to provide a high level of service availability and expected performance. Along with this, we will finally change the main settlement currency to USD – this means that from September 26, all prices in the system and on our website will be presented in USD. Accordingly, the balances on the accounts will also be converted into USD. All payment systems and gateways will be available as before.

How and when will the cost of services change? We will make the necessary price adjustments for some services. These changes will be made on September 26, they will affect new orders and renewals of existing services.

Our SSD VDS will have a new base price as stated below. But that’s not all – in most locations for new orders of these services, we will add additional resources very soon!

  • SSD VDS 1G – $4.87
  • SSD VDS 2G – $9.75
  • SSD VDS 4G – $19.51
  • SSD VDS 8G – $39.03
  • SSD VDS 16G – $78.07
  • SSD VDS 32G – $156.15
  • SSD VDS 64G – $268.39

HD VDS, our ultimate service for data backup and storage – for this product family we will also make very small adjustments.

  • HD VDS 100G – $3.99/3 month
  • HD VDS 500G – $3.99/1 month
  • HD VDS 1000G – $5.99/1 month
  • HD VDS 2000G – $11.99/1 month

For dedicated servers and colocation, adjustments will depend on configurations and power consumption.

  • LC/32 series, PROMO E3/32 series – $59.90/month
  • Single-CPU series with E5/Scalable – +9.75% or $10/month, depending on power consumption
  • Dual-CPU series with E5/Scalable – +9.75% or $15/month, depending on power consumption
  • Colo 1U, 250VA, TDP up to 95W – $49+$10 power and cooling fee
  • Colo 1U Single CPU, 400VA, TDP up to 135W – $69+$20 power and cooling fee
  • Colo 1U Dual CPU, 600VA, TDP up to 300W – $69+$40 power and cooling fee

For services with special prices and non-standard configurations – we will also adjust them based on the current market situation. As with standard services, this change will be as low as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team. We will be happy to help!

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