EU6.GVA – Geneva, Switzerland!

We are introducing our new data center in Europe – EU6.GVA in Geneva, Switzerland. Our high-speed VDS SSD and bare-metal servers are already available for order in this new location in the safest country of Europe!

Why Switzerland? This country has traditionally strict laws regarding privacy protection. Operators of data centers and cloud providers adhere to the highest world standards of reliability and protection of user data – this means that Switzerland is the best choice for hosting critical content, financial information, corporate resources.

We also note that this country has an ideal geographical location – in the very center of Europe. Accordingly, in terms of data transfer performace and RTT delays, the EU6.GVA has excellent parameters.

We recommend EU6.GVA for your new or existing projects! Our SSD VDS with unlimited traffic with SSD/NVMe storage and high performance dedicated servers with NVMe and SSD drives are already available for order in EU6.GVA, so you can start today!

Traditionally when launching a new data center we announce a promotion with crazy discounts. EU6.GVA is no exception – use the coupon GENEVA and 50% discount will be applied automatically for any Switzerland’s SSD VDS plan. Save wisely – order VDS for a longer period (3, 6 or 12 months), it will be more profitable! The number of coupons is limited, you should hurry.

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