Ultrafast NVMe Xeon-E servers are available to order!

New servers alert – high-speed servers with ultimately fast NVMe disks are available to order. Special NVMe SSDs provide transfer speeds of more than 3000Mb/s – almost 10 times faster than traditional SSDs and 30-50 times faster than hard drives!

Fast storage needs powerful processors, so we use Intel Xeon E-2136 and Xeon E-2236 platforms for NVMe servers. These CPUs represent the development of the previous Xeon E3 line, but provide much faster data transfer with memory and other components, and also contain 6 cores (12 threads) – one and a half times more than the traditional Xeon E3! With Intel Turbo Boost hardware acceleration from standard 3.3Ghz to 4.5Ghz (!), 64Gb DDR4 ECC memory you will get a platform with computing performance at the level of mid-range Intel Scalable Xeon models. Impressive!

What does the use of this platforms and NVMe mean for our users? Due to the hurricane-speed transfer with data on the “disks” (although NVMe is no longer the usual “disks”) and ultrafast CPUs, the performance of any application is noticeably higher – sometimes the difference can be tens of times. This can be especially noticeable in the case of using databases and modern CMS – which means that the server will be able to serve a much larger number of requests, and users will receive positive emotions from the work of your sites and systems.

Servers with NVMe storage are already available in several of our data centers in Europe and the USA at an impressive price – only EUR99.90 per month for a platform with Xeon E-2136/64Gb DDR4 ECC/2x500Gb NVMe. Order your new NVMe server now – the installation takes just a few minutes.

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