US1.LAX – upgrade completed!

We have finished major upgrade our flagship location in the US – US1.LAX. What new features are now available as part of the data center on the west coast of the United States, in California? Details are below.

Firstly, we added additional cabinets for installing equipment – both our own and that placed by our customers at colocation. Recently, we had a small shortage of free units in the racks of this data center, now this issue has been resolved and there is room for further development.

Secondly, we carried out a serious upgrade of our network, unifying the configuration with other locations. As usual, we use Juniper MX Series routers, Juniper EX top-of-the-rack switches, optical and copper components from FS.COM.

Thirdly, US1.LAX is now the first location in the USA where we installed new VDS cluster servers based on NVMe drives. Despite the fact that our SSDs VDS has rapid fast RAID1+0 SSD storage backed by datacenter-optimized modules, use of NVMe allows you to speed up the work of critical I/O applications even more.

Last but not least – note that in US1.LAX we also installed new type of dedicated servers for those who need crazy performance at a very attractive price. But we will talk about this in a few days, when the same configurations will be available in Europe.

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