EU5.GDN network upgrade: is even faster!

Our data center in Poland has become even faster – just a few days ago we completed the upgrade of the network infrastructure and added additional IP transit capacity.

Our location EU5.GDN in Gdansk is popular among customers from many countries in Eastern Europe, in the first place – thanks to the excellent connectivity and low rates of response time. This means that VDS and dedicated servers in this location are an excellent choice for those tasks where comfortable work with minimal delays is important, for example, for hosting remote workstations, private and corporate VPN servers, websites for an audience from Eastern Europe.

We provide high-speed VDS SSD with unlimited traffic, colocation servers our customers and, of course, we have wonderful dedicated servers based on the latest Xeon E processors with datacenter-grade SSDs and reliable ECC memory.

Get connected! Do not forget to choose EU5.GDN as your data center when ordering server for your new project! We remind that check the response time, speed and see the track for any of our locations can be on On-linedata. Looking Glass.

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