New dedicated servers in EU5.GDN with Xeon-E CPUs

On-linedata’ bare metal servers is a best option for applications that require uncompromised performance and data security. Today’s software require more resources, so we have added a new dedicated servers to our data center in Poland – please welcome Xeon-E platform!

Features of the new generation of Intel Xeon-E processors:

  • More cores – respectively, higher performance. The Xeon E-2136 used by us has 6 cores and 12 threads – more than the previous generation E3v6.
  • Up to 128Gb of memory – the new processors have hardware support for up to 128Gb of memory. This is two times more than what is available for E3v6 processors.
  • Maximum frequency is upgraded. The E-2136 processor can run on 4.5Ghz – more than 15% faster!
  • Memory operating bandwidth reaches impressive 41.6GB/s (+10%)
  • SmartCache upgraded to 12Mb – previous generation has 8Mb cache.

According to the performance tests, the new Intel processor has overall performance which is comparable to the Xeon Scalable Silver 4215 and significantly exceeds all previous generations of E3 processors. Impressive!

Dedicated servers with Intel Xeon E-2136 processors are already available to order in the EU5.GDN. You can order a server with instant activation on our website. Please do not forget to choose the location of EU5.GDN at the first step during ordering process. As a nice bonus, we provide a free SSD-drives upgrade – all servers in Poland are equipped with two modern and reliable 500Gb SSD disks.

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