SSD VDS with giant discount – only few days left!

New wholesale from On-linedata with giant discounts on SSD VDS continues! Just few days left – only this week you have a great opportunity to get blazing fast SSD VDS in any location with 33.33% discount, just from EUR 2.33 for SSD VDS with 1Gb of memory.

Our clients have appreciated the speed, performance and reliability of our new SSD VDS – because we use our own, the most advanced hardware and state-of-the-art software solutions. No compromises – we use KVM/QEMU as virtualization technology and do not allow overselling of resources. This means that each VDS works with guaranteed resources – memory and disk space are allocated when creating VDS, and the network and processor performance are sufficient for the comfortable operation of any solutions. Our VDS supports all modern operating systems – Linux, FreeBSD, Windows. You can even install an operating system from own ISO-image – use our SSD VDS is recommended for virtually any tasks.

Let’s return to the wholesale – order any SSD VDS with coupon code NOVEMBER11 to receive a 33.33% discount! The discount will be active for a whole year, regardless of the period for which the initial order is made. Of course, to get even more savings, it is worth choosing large periods, because in addition to the discount with the NOVEMBER11 code, more discounts will be automatically added.

Order your new SSD VDS today and do not forget to tell about this wholesale to your friends!

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