Black Friday 2015: SSD VDS and dedicated servers with special discounts

In late November we have traditionally run a sale of our SSD VDS and dedicated servers. Black Friday – an excellent opportunity to save money, get great service and unbeatable bonuses. Special promotional offers available just few days between November 26 and December 1:

Order our SSD VDS with coupon BLACKFRIDAY2015 for special 33% discount! Our VDS run in full virtualization mode (KVM/QEMU technology) with fixed resources and, of course, without any overselling. ITLDC’s VDS has four datacenter to choose from, fast and unlimited internet access, backed by powerful hardware, comes with full root-access and more. Good choice for most applications.

Need more power? Check out our dedicated servers in Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine and United States. With coupon BLACKFRIDAY2015 any new dedicated server standard configuration magically become 20% cheaper! This means that the minimum value of your own server will just €31,20 – a great option for those who are not sufficiently VDS, need more disk space, dedicated CPU resources and other advantages of a dedicated server.

General Terms and Conditions of Use Coupon BLACKFRIDAY2015:

Get connected!

  • The discount is valid for 1 year from the date of code activation, regardless of the initial period of the order. But to make it more profitable you can pay for the service once for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Coupon can only be used for ordering new services.
  • Dedicated server or VDS, ordered with a coupon can not be used to replace existing services from On-linedata.
  • If your dedicated server package is not available (out of stock/in transit), we will prepare a new server and activate it with special price, even if the period of promotion ended. Please contact our support for details.
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