New location – EU2.SOF in Sofia BG

We expanding the geography of our services – new location up and running in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Our servers are located in the DC Telepoint, one of the largest data centers in the region.

Telepoint is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 (quality control) and ISO 27001 (safety), TierIII+ datacenter. Key components of the DC built to N+1 scheme, guarantees the availability of services at the level of 99.997% to 99.99999%.

Within our infrastructure we use the redundancy of critical components. For example, ITLDC backbone based on two Juniper Networks routers, working in 1+1 mode. This means that service will be provided without interruption even if software/hardware maintenance performed. As the access layer top-of-the-rack switches we also use Juniper Networks EX-series hardware with ultimate performance, functionality and reliability.

A few words about the service – in our new location already available dedicated servers, SSD VDS and colocation. If required, we can provide IP transit from any operator present in region – the list of service providers contains more than 25 global and 90 regional carriers.

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