Microsoft Windows Server products available for lease

Great news for our users – now you can lease licenses for Microsoft Windows Server family with full official support and updates. We signed a Service Provider Licensing Agreement that gives us the right to provide our customers with dedicated servers, SSD VDS official Microsoft software products.

We offer the latest version of Windows Server in three different versions – Standard, Essential, and Datacenter Edition. The most current version of the Windows Server Standard Edition suitable for the most of standard applications – from remote workstations in the cloud to create a corporate server. This version of Windows Server can be installed on SSD VDS and dedicated servers with at least 2 GB of RAM or more.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials – ideal solution for small businesses applications. It provides a modern and flexible solution that helps protect, organize and provide access to your business information from virtually any location, and launch the application locally or from the cloud.

Microsoft Windows Datacenter Edition – a great solution for cloud providers and for those who need to quickly and cost-effectively deploy multiple Windows virtual machines on a single bare-metal server.

Traditionally, we provide support and assistance in the installation of operating systems for our clients. Please contact our support team for help – we will be happy to assist you in choosing the best option that fit you needs.

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