EU3.RIX: New cheap SSD VDS in Latvia!

We are pleased to announce our new datacenter, EU3.RIX in Riga, Latvia! On-linedata’s SSD VDS ready for order – any virtual server plans come with instant activation, VNC console, virtual media support and, of course, with unlimited traffic. VDS plans starts from EUR3,50/month for VDS with 512Mb RAM, 15Gb professional SSD storage and IPv4+IPv6 support.

EU3.RIX servers and networking gear located in a DEAC datacenter with TIER IV design. Network infrastructure built around Juniper Networks equipment, our cloud servers farm using Supermicro hardware with Intel Xeon CPU’s. EU3.RIX – fifth ITLDC datacenter and first one with new generation, upgraded networking and servers hardware. Later we will announce new dedicated servers with SSD storage plans, available in EU3.RIX.

EU3.RIX – best choice for projects that require an excellent connectivity with Eastern and Western Europe. Geographical location of Riga, IP transit marked and connectivity with the largest Internet exchange points ensures the highest quality of IP connectivity.

Get connected!

Special offer for new EU3.RIX VDS with 25% discount

Order your new SSD VDS and do not forget to enter coupon code WELCOMETORIGA. Your lifetime discount will be applied automatically! Please note that coupon code will expire 2016-03-07, order your server now!
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